The Inspiration


My 2 daughters, Sophie & Lucy – are the inspiration behind Pure Heavenly.

Having suffered myself from fatigue, weight issues, depression, and stiff joints, I have always been aware of the impact of food (especially sugar, dairy and gluten) on my health.

As I never wanted my girls to have the same issues, I looked for a healthier chocolate we could all enjoy. When I could not find one we all liked – I set myself a challenge to create a delicious, low sugar, planet-friendly alternative to milk chocolate using rice cream.

The Journey

The recipe is 100% vegan, plant-based, and totally FREE from dairy, gluten, wheat, soy, and GMO ingredients. It is also free of palm oil, so is better for the environment.

We loved taking part in Dragons’ Den, and are SO grateful to all the Dragons and especially the BBC, however we could not agree to certain parts of the contract after the show. As a result we are still open to investment if you have pots of money and love chocolate!!

In the meantime – we  hope you love our chocolate as much as Peter and the Dragons did. 

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Wishing you health, happiness and chocolatey bliss.

Stephen Conway, Founder x