Pure Heavenly has recently unveiled a new range of vegan chocolate, aptly named Heavenly Sweeter, and it's poised to transform the vegan confectionery landscape. As a company that is known for its dedication to plant-based innovation and developing vegan and dairy-free chocolate for the vegan community, we have crafted a new collection of chocolate bars that doesn't compromise on flavour, texture, or ethos.

How Is Heavenly Sweeter Made?

With this particular range of chocolate bars, the recipe has been carefully considered to make for a more indulgent taste. Whilst the Heavenly Sweeter range is no longer low-sugar like our original range, it is crafted using only the finest ingredients, employing 100% cruelty-free methods in its meticulous production process. The sublime blend of cocoa butter, cocoa powder, rice flour and natural flavouring culminate in a plant-based, dairy-free and palm oil free indulgence that promises pure bliss for discerning palates.

Heavenly Sweeter offers an enticing array of distinctly unique flavours, each one catering to a different palate. From the classic, universally-loved silk (milk free) chocolate and dark chocolate bars to the exotic zest of orange, each bar is an adventure for your taste buds. Perhaps the most intriguing of these new releases is the Salted Caramel bar, a harmonious blend of sweet and salty that's sure to spark curiosity among vegan-friendly chocolate aficionados across the country.

What is the chocolate's texture like?

But Heavenly Sweeter isn't just about exotic flavours. As one of the best vegan chocolate brands, we promise a texture and consistency of our own chocolate that rivals that of now vegan options. Vegan chocolate often falls short in this department, with many options on the market offering a texture that's grainy and overly dense. However, Pure Heavenly has managed to achieve a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth consistency that is truly indulgent and provides a delicious sweet treat for both regular and first time Pure Heavenly customers.

Whether you're passionate about plant-based food or are a foodie who just loves good chocolate, our NEW range will surprise you more than ever before. We have carried out a range of taste tests in the run up to the launch of Heavenly Sweeter, with 95% of our tasters stating that they preferred the taste and texture of Heavenly Sweeter over many other non-vegan alternatives. They also said that they couldn't tell the difference between dairy rich high street brands as the taste, texture and smell was sensational.

Does Heavenly Sweeter follow the same production ethos?

Like all of the chocolate delights within the Pure Heavenly range, Heavenly Sweeter's commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable production is another aspect worth noting. All ingredients are free of animal products, gluten-free, and sourced from fair-trade suppliers. This focus on sustainability makes these chocolates an all round guilt-free indulgence for those with a sweet tooth who are looking to enjoy life with a plant-based or dairy-free chocolate alternative.

The launch of Heavenly Sweeter is more than just an addition to our existing vegan product line. It's a testament to the brand's unwavering dedication to creating high-quality vegan alternatives that don't sacrifice taste or texture. This commitment extends far beyond our vegan bars; Pure Heavenly is an advocate for ethical, sustainable commerce, making strides in the chocolate industry by setting a new standard for what vegan sweets can be.

In conclusion, Pure Heavenly's new Heavenly Sweeter range is a game changer in the arena of vegan chocolates. With its enticing flavours, perfect texture, and ethical production, it's a treat that delivers on all fronts. For the vegan chocolate lover, this range is not to be missed. In fact, even those partial to traditional dairy chocolates might find themselves pleasantly surprised by the decadent experience offered by Heavenly Sweeter.

July 31, 2023