This year, an amazing 700,000 individuals registered for Veganuary - a luxurious commitment to embrace veganism throughout the entirety of January. Vegans, devotees of a plant-based diet, conscientiously refrain from consuming any animal products, including eggs, butter, and milk. It might seem that vegans are deprived of the pleasure of milk chocolate, as its ingredient list undoubtedly includes milk. However, rejoice! Such a notion couldn't be further from the truth! Nowadays, a myriad of opulent vegan milk chocolate bars await vegans across the country.

Non-vegans would likely be surprised to discover that they have probably already indulged in vegan chocolate without even realizing it. The cacao beans, the very essence of all chocolate confections, originates from a tree, making it inherently 100% vegan. Following careful processing, the cocoa beans miraculously transform into an exquisite cacao powder, ultimately melding with cocoa butter and sugar to birth tantalizing dark chocolate.

Thus, dark chocolate reigns as a readily available and captivatingly vegan indulgence, gracing the shelves of every supermarket. However, what if the intense, slightly bitter flavor profile of dark chocolate fails to captivate one's palate? In such cases, most individuals typically gravitate towards the creamy allure of white or milk chocolate, as the addition of milk imbues the confection with a lighter, more delicate character. Nonetheless, the moment milk is introduced into the cocoa blend, a chocolate bar forfeits its vegan suitability.

How is vegan milk chocolate a thing?

The secret lies in replacing cow's milk with exquisite milk substitutes, resulting in a taste and texture that rivals regular milk chocolate. In the UK, nut milks such as Almond Milk has gained immense popularity, offering a silky texture and flavour. However, each nut milk carries its distinct flavour, with hazelnut milk boasting its rich hazelnut essence and cashew nut milk offering a delicate taste.

With this in mind, a lot of chocolate makers prefer other plant-based milk alternatives such as oat milk, rice milk (which we use) and rice flour, as the offer a very similar texture profile to cows milk but without the added flavour. It also serves as a safe choice for those with intolerances, offering peace of mind with its allergen-free composition. Remember to check the packaging for any traces of other ingredients to fully enjoy your luxurious vegan chocolate bars.

What vegan milk chocolate does Pure Heavenly offer?

Within both our original and Heavenly Sweeter chocolate ranges, we do a stunning dairy-free milk chocolate alternative called Silk Chocolate. This particular bar uses only plant-based ingredients such as 43% cocoa, rice flour & sweeteners (or sugar with Heavenly Sweeter) and vanilla bean flavourings to produce a vegan milk chocolate recipe rivals the best chocolate brands. All of our silk chocolate flavours are gluten free, dairy-free and palm oil free, giving you that happy feeling when you're eating it knowing that each bar is exceptionally sustainable.

The flavours of our silk chocolate range offer both traditional flavours and more creative alternatives. In the traditional side we have flavours such as Orange, Mint and plain silk chocolate. It's the non-standard flavours where our creamy vegan milk chocolate gets really interesting. From sumptuous strawberry and salted caramel to exotic banana or coconut, the Pure Heavenly Silk Chocolate range offers something for every sweet tooth.

Can vegan milk chocolate be used in baking?

Yes it can! Vegan milk chocolate is a delightful plant-based alternative to traditional chocolate when it comes to banking. It can be used just like its dairy counterpart in cake baking, fudge-making, and even melting into velvety ice cream. Despite some misconceptions, vegan milk chocolate is a luxurious option that can rival any milk chocolate. At Pure Heavenly, we prioritise flavour and texture over anything else, so our vegan milk chocolate undergoes rigorous taste testing before production. Remember, it's the quality of the cocoa that truly matters. With good cacao beans, we create irresistibly delicious chocolate bars suitable for all dietary preferences.

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August 04, 2023