We support a number of amazing charities. Our wish is that our chocolate can go beyond improving the health and well-being of our customers, by helping the young and vulnerable members of our global community. We believe we are one big global family, and as such, it is our responsibility to look after each other and leave this wonderful world in a better place than when we found it. It is also our profound wish that we do not build walls, but that we build bridges. Finally, we would also like to support an animal charity, so do put forward any suggestions!

Rebuilding Sri Lanka

Thousands of those missing were never recovered. Many of the small, coastal villages in southern and eastern Sri Lanka were completely destroyed. Over a million people were left homeless. Thousands were destitute. “Rebuilding Sri Lanka” has been active since the day of the disaster and we continue to provide support, rehabilitation, nutrition, education and shelter to those affected by the disaster.

Age UK

At Age UK one of the ways we try to beat loneliness in later life is through our befriending, or ‘visiting’ services, where a volunteer visits or talks to an older person once a week in their own home.

Helping Hands For India

We have built a school in the rural village of Pritamgarh, India, where yoga and meditation, play and outdoor education are included in the curriculum. Sansar Gyaan Pathshala, which means ‘World Knowledge Lessons’ is the name of the school. We have 300 children, from Kindergarten to Grade 8, coming every day!

World Vision

World Vision is the world’s largest international children’s charity, working to bring real hope to millions of children in the world’s hardest places.


We’re working to make sure that more than 3.5 million children affected by conflict in Syria are able to learn this year

Mannaz School

Highly Sensitive teenagers are multi-dimensional thinkers, who think in pictures, not in words. The current, linear, sequential way of teaching, for them, simply does not work for them. In fact, the current way of learning forces them to slow down their thought processes approximately 300 times. Imagine the possibilities for human potential and evolution if these students are encouraged to think, work and develop at their natural speed. This is what the Mannaz School is all about.