Can chocolate be healthy and still taste amazing?

We are a brand new company that started with an idea less than 12 months ago when I tried to find healthy chocolate that was dairy free and low in sugar that my kids (and I) would love the taste. Unfortunately, despite multiple purchases, I could not find a brand that met all of our requirements. Stupidly (!) I decided to see if I could make it myself. Well – I never realised that decision would take me on a crazy year long journey of working with incredible chocolate experts to crack the code, but we have finally done it – hoorah! 

I had searched high and low on the internet to find a healthy chocolate that tasted great, but really struggled to find anything that the whole family could enjoy and that wasn’t laden with either dairy or sugar. Some brands were dairy free but 50% sugar!! Others were sugar-free but tasted terrible. I spent a small fortune buying all these bars, only to be continually disappointed. So I set out to make chocolate that his kids would give the thumbs up to. It took lots of trials and months of testing, but eventually, I struck gold. Like all children – Sophie and Lucy are very discerning when it comes to chocolate, so when they gave my recipes 100 out of 10, I knew I was on to a winner.

Heavenly Chocolate was born!

I then worked with an expert team of chocolatiers from around Europe to develop the range, and to improve it even more to the incredible taste that his whole family love so much and now is enjoyed by our thousands of customers.

It is 100% plant-based, and totally free from gluten, wheat, soy, and GMO ingredients. It is also free of palm oil, so is better for the environment. Finally – it has a very low sugar content (4% versus up to 55% in other chocolate brands which equates to 11 teaspoons!!).

Our sweeteners are a unique combination of several ingredients derived from plant-based natural sources, such as xylitol & erythritol, which have proven health and dental benefits and have been endorsed by the British Dental Health Foundation plus prebiotic fibres that are the food of probiotics, which are required for a healthy gut / microbiome.

Recently, xylitol and erythritol have been lauded as the ‘new best friends’ of dentists, for their role in reducing dental cavities. Indeed in some European countries, xylitol sweets are given out at schools and have resulted in far fewer dental issues that other countries.

Finally – we are so confident that you will love our chocolate that we give a full money back guarantee if you are disappointed in ANY way.

We have some very exciting future plans for new products (hot chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate spread and ice cream) that we can’t wait to share with you, so I look forward to being on this journey with you.


Stephen Conway, 
Founder, Heavenly Chocolate