Silk Classics Gift Box 8 x 30g


Looking for the perfect gift? We have just released a Classics Gift Box, with 8 bars and 3 of your favourite 'Milk' flavours inside.

3 x Salted Caramel 30g
2 x Mint 30g
3 x Orange 30g


IS YOUR CHOCOLATE SUITABLE FOR VEGANS? Yes - we are 100% Vegan friendly!


ARE YOUR PRODUCTS NUT FREE? We do not use Nuts in any of our products, however, while we follow strict allergen regulations we are on a shared site.

DO YOU USE ETHICALLY SOURCED INGREDIENTS? Yes, we work with suppliers who not only pay the Farmers a very good price but they also provide training and education on a regular basis. More information can be found on our Our Values page.

DO YOU USE ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS? We primarily use Natural Sweeteners; which are Inulin and Erythritol and very small amounts of Sucralose and PolyDextrose in our bars. More information can be found concerning this on our Nutrition Page.