We've partnered up with Tastesmiths, home of fresh, authentic tasting ingredient and spice kits to share with you some of the benefits of home cooking!

We can picture the scene – you’ve just got home from a long, hard day at work and you’re now back in the comfort of your home. The last (and most important) decision of the day awaits…what’s for dinner?

For most of us, there are three options – a ready meal, a takeaway or time to cook. Here are 8 reasons why we think it’s best to bring out the pots and pans.

Here are top 8 benefits for scratch cooking:

  1. Good for the body
    Eating real and fresh good means you’re getting all of the good stuff. Many ultra processed foods (UPF) are stripped of their nutrients, and replaced with additives, salt, sugar and fat.

  2. Better for the environment
    Controlling exactly how much you cook results in less food waste. This waste ends up in landfills, which causes methane release into the environment.

  3. Adaptable
    Want to minimise your sugar intake? Following a gluten-free diet? Both of these are no problem when you’re cooking from scratch. You control exactly what is going into your food.

  4. Building bonds
    It’s no surprise that some of our fondest memories are those related to food. Whether you’re cooking with your family or with a new best friend, cooking together is a great way to break down barriers and bring us closer together.

  5. Finding new flavours
    Cooking from scratch allows to explore different cuisines and discover your new favourite meal or ingredient. One that you’ll be telling all of your friends about for the next few months.
  6. Easier on your pocket
    Buying ingredients is always cheaper than buying a finished meal. Ready meals and takeaways may be more convenient, but it’s often a convenient you pay a large premium for.

  7. Improving your cooking skills
    Learning to use a cooking knife in a safe and efficient way is an essential life skill, and one that will stay with you forever. The same applies to other cooking techniques and kitchen equipment.

  8. Cooking is mindful
    Those moments where you’ll able to switch off from the daily stresses of life are becoming fewer and far between. Cooking gives us valuable time to focus on one activity and truly live in the moment.


Tastesmiths do the shopping for you, hand selecting all those hard to find, high quality fresh ingredients. They then add the spices that they blend and grind themselves from whole. Using their fresh ingredients will make a world of difference to the taste of your food, raising your cooking to a whole new level.

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November 01, 2023