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family business

Sophie & Lucy, the daughters of our founder Stephen, are the inspiration behind Pure Heavenly.

Having suffered from fatigue, weight issues, depression, and stiff joints, Stephen has always been aware of the impact of food (especially sugar, dairy and gluten) on our health. He wanted better for his chocolate-loving girls.

As a family, they set out to create the perfect chocolate alternative - with Sophie & Lucy being the very willing tasters!

The result? Pure Heavenly. A 2% sugar milk chocolate alternative that is free from dairy, egg, soy, palm oil and gluten. It's also vegan so is truly suitable for everyone.

praise from the dragons

Determined to turn his vision into a reality by bringing this delicious chocolate alternative to the world, Stephen turned to Dragon's Den for investment.

Maintaining his ethos that honesty is the best policy, Stephen was open with the Dragons around the challenges facing Pure Heavenly. However, he let the taste speak for itself.

The Dragons were impressed with 3 of them making offers. Most importantly, they were full of praise for the flavours and lighter feeling, like our customers.

In particular, Peter Jones said “I love it, I’m a big chocolate guy and I haven’t tasted chocolate this good in a long time.”


We strive to support those less fortunate than us in our global community through our activities. The cocoa supplier we use collaborates with farmers ethically by providing fair pay and educational opportunities in their academy for sustainable farming.

Our proud partnership with B1G1 allows our small business to combine efforts with others to make a large impact for our world. Our contribution has focussed on providing clean water, education, shelter, tree planting, companionship, and ocean cleaning.

Bringing a delicious alternative to you

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the delicious delights of chocolate. Our vision is to ensure we make our delicious chocolate alternative accessible to everyone, whether you are diabetic, celiac, lactose intolerant, vegan or are just seeking a better lifestyle.

With new flavours, new products, gorgeous recipes and more places to buy, Pure Heavenly aims to be your go-to for your delicious treats.

We always love to hear your feedback. Please remember to share your reviews, recipes and ideas with us!

treats for you and your loved ones


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Heavenly Chocolate Apples

Heavenly Chocolate Apples

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