Stephen Conway

Stephen Conway

Managing Director

Stephen is a proud father and passionate about  all things health, psychology and renewable energy related. He is constantly looking for ways to improve his health and the health of all those close to him.

His desire for a low sugar healthy chocolate treat that tasted great led him to creating versions in his kitchen that subsequently led to the Heavenly Brand!

His children now see him as a modern day Willy Wonka!

Sonia Batey

Sonia Batey

Operations Director

Sonia is a foodie, and paleo warrior, who has spent many a day in ketosis to help with various ailments. When she found out that Heavenly Chocolate could help her stay low sugar, she jumped at the chance of joining the company, once she had seen how good it tasted.

Following further taste tests with her two daughters, who both gave the chocolate the double thumbs up, she signed on the dotted line and committed to help taking the Heavenly brand out to a waiting world.

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