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Amazing! Who would have thought that a Dairy Free and Low Sugar chocolate bar could taste this good. I am a a customer for life! My husband – who is into paleo – keeps stealing it though!

Sarah Dodds

I am always concious of what I feed my kids, as I know the devastating effect sugar can have on them. This chocolate is the perfect treat and best of all – they love it.

Mary Webb

I am an triathlete, and sugar filled chocolate does not help with my training. I am much better on a high fat, low sugar diet, so this has saved my life. I absolutely love it. Orange is my favourite but I always pack Mint as well. 

I bought this for myself but have since found that my kids love this brand so much. I am very happy to be giving them this than the other junk food out there.

The great thing is that they have no idea that it is dairy free and practically sugar free.

Mike Johnson

I can’t tell you how much I love the fruit and nut. I am now in Ketosis and due to my migraine could not eat. So my fast lasted 20 hours when the need for sugar kicked in! I remembered that bar in my bag and ate half of it without it affecting my diet. Tested and am in ketosis! It was a little bit of heaven for me to get something sweet without the damage!

During or after migraines I have to have something sweet so have managed to do that today without the issues. Also weighed myself and have lost 3.5 lbs since Monday! Chocolate has literally had no effect on my diet except quenching the need for sugar.

Jack Ronson

You have made my day. I came home to crying children and a messy house. I forgot about the chocolate until I sat down with a glass of wine after the kids had gone to bed. What a wonderful end to my day. Thank you so much!!

Diane Davis

I stumbled across this brand via a post on Facebook. I really didn’t hold out much hope due to the number of scam products you see out there. I took the plunge and ordered one bar (Strawberry) and wow – was I blown away. I have since bought every single flavour and they are all great.

Suki Rollins-Bayer

As long as you give me a lifetime supply of your choc in exchange for this review, I will be a happy bunny. Seriously though – this ticks all the boxes for me and my kids. As for the hubbie – well he can go buy his own.

Andrea Lees

I must admit – I was skeptical. The Facebook advert seemd to be too good to be true, but your money back offer won me over, and boy an I glad that I ordered them – they are some of the best chocolate I have ever tasted. Well bloomin done.

Sarah Fraser