The Ultimate Bundle (SAVE 37%)

£41.60 £66.40

Limited stock available: For the price of two Ultimate Taster Packs, you're getting THREE and a box of PopcornShed Butterscotch Popcorn - saving you £24.80!

With this mega bundle you'll get the entire Pure Heavenly experience with 16 different flavours - and you get 3 of each! The ultimate must-have for any chocolate lover, family household or those that love a movie night in. 

3 x Salted Caramel 30g
3 x Mint 30g
3 x Silk 30g
3 x Coconut 30g
3 x Hazelnut 30g
3 x Banana 30g
3 x Orange 30g
3 x Strawberry 30g

3 x Dark Sea Salt 30g
3 x Dark Orange 30g
3 x Dark Mint 30g
3 x Dark Ginger 30g
3 x Dark Raspberry 30g
3 x Dark Cherry 30g
3 x Dark Coffee 30g
3 x Dark 30g

1 x Butterscotch Popcorn 80g 

Multiple orders may arrive in a larger box. Please note that you cannot choose the flavours. Packaging and the mix of flavours is subject to availability.


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