Taster Pack – 85g Bars

£28.20 £27.00

8 x 85g Bars
Please note you cannot choose the flavours. 

1 x Fruit & Nut 85g
1 x Mint 85g
1 x Silk 85g
1 x Hazelnut 85g
1 x Dark 85g
1 x Dark Sea Salt 85g
1 x Orange 85g
! x Salted Caramel 85g

Want to try the best selling Dairy Free and Low Sugar Chocolate but are not sure whether it will taste nice? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Our taster pack consists of 8 large bars, and comes with a discount AND free shipping. You will need to use the code TASTY in the coupon box at checkout. Please note that shipping can take a few days and the mixture of flavours is not always guaranteed. There is a maximum free shipping coupon usage of one per household. Please note that you cannot choose the flavours.

The above image is of the bars in the Postal Box that they are dispatched to you in.


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Weight 200 g