Salted Caramel 80g

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Salted Caramel Bar 80g

The silkiest, smoothest and most delicious milk chocolate alternative with the most delicious Caramel flavouring and added Sea Salt that is FREE FROM Dairy, Gluten, Soy, GMO, Palm Oil and that has less than 4% Sugar content.  Truly Heavenly!

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Please note that our current packaging states that we use stevia and grape sugar in our recipe. This is no longer the case but we cannot afford to print new boxes just yet!

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85 reviews for Salted Caramel 80g

  1. penelope walker

    I have always have been a chocoholic , recently getting dairy intolerant stopped my snacking on my favourite treats.
    Found you on line and thought i’d give it a try instead of the supermarket dairy free which seems so sweet and chemical tasting.
    I ordered a Bar of each variety to try out 🙂 lol so far the salted caramel, not too sweet or salty and raspberry full of berrie flavour have been fantastic. looking forward to munching my way through the rest over the next month..

  2. Melanie Tyler

    Absolutely delicious!!!! Definitely recommend ♥️

  3. Julie Staniland

    I was rather sceptical about this chocolate when I first read about it on facebook. I have a friend who is not able to eat dairy products and I wondered if this would be a nice treat for her. I took the plunge and ordered a variety of flavours. Wow! She was so thrilled to be able to eat chocolate and thoroughly enjoy it, and I was amazed how good it tasted despite not having much sugar in it. My favourite so far, is the Salted Caramel but I am looking forward to trying the Strawberry, and the Banana. The trouble is they taste so good that ordering a few bars at once they don’t hang around for very long! On the plus side though they are not so bad for your waistline and if you join the club you get a discount so it’s a win win!!

  4. Amanda

    I’ve been eating Pure Heavenly for a while now. It’s replaced even my favourite Bachmanns chocolate. My aunt has always been a box of Maltesers on a Saturday night kind of lady but I
    knew if I could get her to try Pure Heavenly she would ditch her usual favourites. So I had a couple of packages of mini bars sent to her in various flavours. She absolutely loves it, so much so that yesterday she joined the VIP club. We’ve both been sugar addicts for years, but we agree that the mini bars satisfy that need for something yummy, without dragging you down the path of craving more sugar afterwards.

    The one thing I would love to see is the bundles of mini bars available again.

  5. Linda

    Lovely chocolate. I bought a selection for a vegan friend but had to try one as, to me, there is nothing like “normal” chocolate. Really lovely! I wouldn’t have known it was any different….very creamy and tasty. My vegan friend may not get very much! I need to see her soon it it will be none at all! Well done.

  6. Susan Ellis

    The best dairy free chocolate I have found. Working my way through the flavours

  7. Sharon

    This Chocolate is sooo good, a bit pricey but you only need a couple of squares at a time, and you dont crave it.

  8. Jackie Gauld

    Just joined the VIP club as I tried your mini bars which were delicious. Have been telling everyone about how much healthier they are and they taste better than others. I’ve even managed to get my daughter to join up too.

  9. Leigh Scott

    I have to admit I was sceptical about a vegan chocolate. How wrong I was, I ordered the 5 minis. The taste and texture was fantastic. Even my partner who doesn’t have a sweet tooth was very impressed. Will definitely be ordering more. Total indulgence without the guilt

  10. Sean

    One word is all it takes = AMAZING

  11. Donna

    Absolutely delicious. I have had most of your flavours and all are just so nice. I am allergic to dairy and soya and intolerant to too much sugar so these are absolutely perfect.

  12. Sue Beddows

    Just had my first delivery of mini bars of Heavenly chocolate and absolutely love them! So very tasty and being only 115 calories for the 25g bar I get my chocolate fix without being naughty ! Looking forward to trying all the flavours , the coffee is gorgeous. Service and delivery first class so will be ordering again .

  13. Barbara Boden

    I was goingvto share this with my daughter but unfortunately it is so delicious I ate it all myself. yummy.

  14. Kate Calley

    I’m really a dark chocolate lover but thought I’d try some of the milk chocolate flavoured bars including this one. I found it to be nice but for me it didn’t quite “do it” I’m afraid. I think it would probably be fab in a dark bar if ever that was to become available. I still ate all of it though!!

  15. Bekky

    I was going to share these with my kids, but instead I’ve hidden them on the top bookshelf in my bedroom because nobody is getting anywhere near this without me biting their fingers off.

  16. Anne Farrall

    Just received my order today. I couldn’t decide which flavour to buy so I bought some mini bars. First up was the salted caramel. The chocolate tastes so creamy and sweet that I can’t believe they’re dairy and sugar free! Yummy yummy yummy…..I can’t wait to taste test the other flavours!

  17. Christine Martin

    Another great flavour from Heavenly. I love them all but this is one of my favourites

  18. Mike Gatto

    My favourite so far. Perfect blend of salty caramel and “milky” smooth chocolate .

    Guilt free in every way – even down to the Biodegradable packaging.

  19. Susan Sprigg

    Absolutely delicious! Can’t stop until it’s all gone! My 3yr old has allergies and thoroughly enjoys these bars. Excellent quality products, can’t wait to buy in stores.

  20. sarahjane.mcdade

    My mum totally enjoyed this chocolate bar …. I am not normally a Salted Caramel fan but this is so nice. I would definitely get this again.

  21. Amanda Mitchell

    I absolutely adore this chocolate. It’s fresh tasting, the flavoured bars have the loveliest ingredients and its a perfect indulgence being so low in sugar. I’m in love with the mini bars; banana is my favourite; they’re just the perfect size for a nibble on something yummy. I love it that the packaging is environmentally friendly too. Now if we could just have cherry flavour and rum & raisin flavour my life would be complete!

  22. Lizzie

    Absolutely amazing chocolate. I’m so pleased to have found this chocolate, I no longer suffer after eating it although it feels like a treat. I am pre diabetic and have totally changed my eating habits and this is a treat I can have once a week. Thank you.

  23. Lizxie

    Absolutely amazing chocolate. I’m so pleased to have found this chocolate, I no longer suffer after eating it although it feels like a treat. I am pre diabetic and have totally changed my eating habits and this is a treat I can have once a week. Thank you.

  24. Lisa macdonald

    Can thoroughly recommend for type 1 diabetics… my daughter loves this chocolate and so low sugar and carbs hardly need to count it for her insulin! Game changer for type 1 diabetes … hopefully the bigger this company gets the more can be produced for more local shops stocking to possibly have prices lower. We love it and worth it for my daughter to feel like is the same as everyone else munching on chocolate hoping one day Heavenly will be taking over the big names on the shelves.

  25. Kay Bellew

    What can I say except delicious.

  26. Rona V Flynn

    Really, I could have put positive reviews on all four of the flavours I tried. I really like them and I’m looking forward to trying the others. Of course they don’t taste the same as the Milk Chocolate I’ve usually eaten a little of every now and then, but I didn’t expect it to. What I do know is they don’t give my stomach a hard time afterwards and I really like the flavour and texture! Another unexpected bonus is that I no longer have the desire for the ‘ordinary’ milk chocolate I used to find so hard to resist. Try some, you may be pleasantly surprised.

  27. Maretta Rees

    I am diabetic and do like a bar of chocolate which for a long time I could not really have it so I was thrilled when I found out that this special chocolate was being made and would soon be for sale. I waited and it did seem a long time, but when it came and I tried it I was so happy for it is gorgeous chocolate, different yes, but so good and actually good for me. I have tried many of the flavours, not the dark yet, and I love them all, but I do like the salted caramel and the silk most I think. Might change my mind again when the raspberry comes. My grandson, who is a university at the moment and eats rubbish on his own admission, has put on weight so I am sending him some bars of Heavenly Chocolate instead of an easter egg. He loves it too.

  28. Tracy

    I love chocolate. And having previously bought from here before I decided to try a new flavour. Wasn’t sure what to expect as I’ve never tried salted caramel before. I have to say it’s not my favourite albeit still nice. But it seemed more salted than caramel for my liking. It won’t stop me buying others though. X

  29. John

    Well what can i say it’s really nice. I eat all kinds of chocolate, i bought four different flavours plus i joined the VIP subscription without trying it before hand and all i can say its lovely.

  30. Helen Harris

    Lovely that’s all I can say… Salted caramel is absolutely the best chocolate ever…well done xxx

  31. Amber Thomas

    Absolutely delicious! Fantastic texture, amazingly well flavoured too.
    The only issue was that I was happily tucking in and reading the packaging, and realised that although it stated the chocolate was dairy free, it didn’t say it was vegan. I read the ingredients and read the packaging again in case I missed it… The chocolate was so creamy and smooth I began to doubt it was vegan, it’s unlike any other dairy free chocolate I’ve tried. I checked online and of course it is vegan. So that’s a good quality really, rather than a negative point.
    Anyway, blimmin’ beautiful chocolate! The only thing that put me off to begin with was the price, but it’s worth it for such a lovely treat! Highly recommended!

  32. DENISE

    I was wary of trying chocolate containing sweeteners as I’m not a fan of them in food and drink normally. I need not have worried as this chocolate is delicious with just the right amount of sweetness and salt with no unpleasant after taste, my favourite so far.

  33. Rowena

    Delicious – it’s fantastic to be able to eat really tasty chocolate again – I have to avoid dairy and must also keep sugar to a minimum. So far this is my favourite flavour!

  34. Anonymous

    This is the most amazing chocolate I’ve eaten in my life (and I’ve tried a lot!) the flavors are divine. I ate a whole bar today because it’s just so nice!

  35. Kelly

    Very tasty just like a normal milk chocolate bar and friends and family couldn’t tell it was dairy free either. You get what you pay for and it’s worth the money. Love the caramel flavour

  36. Marion Brooker

    Just love the Salted Caramel bar. Have been raving about it to friends and have joined the VIP club. Can’t wait to receive my snack size bars from the Kickstarter Programme.

  37. Anna Madden

    I’ve just received my first order as I thought I’d treat myself for Xmas. I was starting to feel left out after having to go dairy free to feed my CMPA daughter. Shop bought df chocolate is just shocking and such a let down. So I made myself a cup of tea and dived into the salted caramel (my most favourite flavour ever) and OH. MY. GOD! I have literally just died and gone to heaven…Pure Heaven! This is honestly amazing and I WILL be ordering more once these 3 bars have gone…which won’t be long!

  38. Vanessa Bristow

    I don’t like chocolate at all but I bought several bars for my vegan daughter in law…however, I thought I would try one to see what it was like. I have since eaten the mint, the orange, the strawberry, the silk and the salted caramel, the salted caramel is my favourite so far. It is gorgeous and I shall definitely be buying more of this. I also have to replace the ones I have eaten ☺️

  39. Hannah

    So caramely! Absolutely delicious

  40. Gillian

    My partner and I have been sharing this chocolate and we have found our fav one this salted caramel is delicious and we have scoffed the lot in one go! we will def be ordering more very soon. it is a treat.

  41. Diane Richards

    Loved this bar the best. I couldn’t get enough of it. So rich n creamy,you can actually taste the carermal and salt. Xx

  42. Beverley Landells

    Bought this as a present, i have been informed its lovely. Communication between owner about delivery etc brilliant. Will definitely use again.

  43. Gill Robinson

    Amazing as a vegan with coeliac disease I though I was never to taste dreamy chocolate again. I am very happy to be proven wrong

  44. jfield078

    Absolutely yum! Caramel flavour and then a slight salty kick, yum!

  45. Pam Daniels

    I’m gradually (well…actually not very gradually) working my way through the whole range but this one is my absolute favourite so far – closely followed by the orange, mint, dark ginger…oh who am I kidding. I love them all 😀

  46. susana.galaxy

    So much goodness and flavour with no guilty feeling! For me, it’s the best salted caramel chocolate ever! The contrast of the salty bits with the chocolate is amazing. Love it!

  47. Heidi

    So good, can’t decide what one I like best as all Great, would highly recommend you try all. Very quick delivery, and not expensive.

  48. Happy Dell

    This chocolate is so so good! I never thought that I’ll ever feel so guiltless eating a whole bar of chocolate. I just can’t stop telling people about it. I am definitely hooked.

  49. Tracey Burns

    My oh my!!! Absolutely did the business!! Gorgeous taste, hard to tell the difference between this the “free from” and normal chocolate.

  50. jenny rudd

    Best chocolate I have tasted in such a long time. Im glad you are a family run company as this shows how much you care about your products and customers. I have been recommending your product to all my friends who are like me diabetic. The salted caramel is so delicious I know I will be ordering more.

  51. Claire

    I’m in love with this chocolate, it’s absolutely delicious. It is so low in sugars now I can enjoy a treat without feeling guilty! My blood sugars have dropped to within a good range since converting to Heavenly Chocolate. It has a wonderful creamy taste and the salted caramel is definitely my favourite.. I will be coming back again and again, one very happy customer Thank you

  52. Emma B

    Tastes lovley and is amazing grated over ice cream

  53. Carla

    We all loved this, didn’t even tell anyone it was free – from Great flavours ( we tried Salted Caramel and Dark).
    Had an issue with original delivery. Was sorted in no time. Great customer service/communication. Well worth the wait!

  54. Sue Hoad

    I bought this product with misgiving. Surely it couldn’t have all the flavour of a ‘normal’ chocolate bar? I was so wrong, it is creamy, the flavour is lovely. Thank you Heavenly Chocolate.

  55. Natalie

    Loved the mix of chocolate and salty flavour. Tastes different to chocolate but has the same texture. A yummy healthier treat.

  56. Alison

    The best I have ever tasted would not buy from anywhere else now all flavours are excellent

  57. Mairi Thèrese

    As a Chocoholic. This is The best I’ve EVER Tasted. Fiancè & I Loved it… HEAVENLY is The Correct word…

  58. Mandy

    Really nice chocolate (you would never say it isn’t a high quality normal chocolate). I ordered a range for my dairy-free friend, but ended up eating a lot myself!! But being low calorie compared to normal chocolate, I didn’t feel bad. I will most definitely be ordering more as will my friend. Thank you Heavenly Chocolate.

  59. Glenys Hogan

    By far my favourite in the range. Just the right balance of sweet n salty. Love it!!

  60. Christine Harbin

    Just heaven I shall have to order more. Thank you thank you I ate the whole bar this morning Naightybut nice

  61. Mair Williams

    Truly scrumptious!!!!
    Can’t wait for these bars to be in stores near me .

  62. judithfrances

    I am something of a chocoholic but need to be on a low sugar diet (mild diabetes.) I am also lactose and gluten intolerant. I also know we shouldn’t be consuming palm oil and GMOs.
    My first posting of three Heavenly chocolate bars arrived yesterday – so tasty and good to know that everything was OK for me. I’ll need to be careful though as it wouldn’t do to pig-out on something so exquisite! I now know where I’ll be ordering those special treats!!
    Well done! The Salted Caramel was lush!!

  63. Sally Jo es

    I was completely surprised at how good this chocolate. I have now placed another order to try out more of the flavours.

  64. C Vine

    Texture is nice. Flavour is full on .

  65. Barbara Lobley

    Very nice chocolate. Will order again.

  66. Anne

    This really is heavenly. The chocolate is melt-in-the-mouth and I loved the salted caramel taste. I can’t wait to try the other varieties that I’ve received.

  67. Tracey loveday

    Omg you don’t know what you’re missing , truly scrumptious best I’ve ever tasted well done !! Just about to put another order in can’t get enough of it !!! Love love love it

  68. Dallas Hopkins

    Delicious. Didn’t feel guilty eating it either. Something that tastes this good and is also ethical is a thumbs up from me.

  69. Rachael Jarman

    Beautiful! Very tasty, prefect chocolate fix for those on Slimming World, a couple of squares is a prefect craving buster!

  70. Susan

    This was actually really nice, didn’t need a lot to satisfy my craving.

  71. Clare Connolly

    The product I’ve been waiting my whole life for. What else can I say but thank you looking forward to trying other flavours

  72. kim_mendham

    Bar number 3 in the taste test..The family are really loving this chocolate. Tastes amazing and can’t believe that it is so low on sugar. Everyone loved this chocolate and was a massive hit. Can see me hiding this one next time I order. .lol

  73. Charmaine Duncan

    The chocolates arrived yesterday. They are lovely. Smooth and rich and not overpowering. Like I am used to in the Caribbean a long time ago. First time in a long time I ate chocolate that did not bloat me up from the amount of dairy and crap put in. I didnt need to gorge on it. Just a couple of squares were satisfying.

  74. Carol

    Very different but very nice. This one is worth trying!

  75. Joanne

    Smooth, lovely flavour.

  76. Nadine

    Tasted delicious worth the wait, the balance of salt to caramel was perfect.

  77. Hilary

    Amazing taste so creamy and just the right amount of salted caramel. The fact that it is so low on sugar is even better. Will definitely be ordering some more.

  78. Christine


  79. Jamie

    Amazing chocolate ! All plant based and natural, much much better tasting and healthier than dairy chocolate ( I don’t know why people still eat that junk). Definitely five stars.

  80. Anonymous

    This flavor was significantly better than the original liked the saltiness and the richness of the chocolate bar. Overall I would say the flavors give the chocolate a new wave of life.

  81. Lyn

    This chocolate is simple amazing. I’ve been a vegan for ten years and this is one of the best, if not the best chocolate bars I’ve had since then. Very creamy and melts beautifully in the mouth. Simply delicious. I’ve promised my vegan daughters I’ll order some in for them too (and try not to eat it myself) 10/10

  82. Sonia

    Absolutely fantastic. Can really taste the caramel and the salt. This is likely to convert all ‘regular’ chocolate eaters.

  83. Taylor

    Absolutely delicious! The caramel and salt flavours are absolutely beautiful together with the creamy chocolate! I truly cannot believe that it’s free from! Best chocolate I’ve tasted in years!

  84. jj

    YUM yum, love this, the combination of saltiness and choc, makes me very happy

  85. Mary Bodden

    Absolutely fabulous the taste is amazing

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Additional information

Weight80 g
Dimensions16.5 × 8.5 × .8 cm

Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, (Cocoa Solids 43%) Rice, Soluble Maize Fibre, Chicory Fibre, Sweeteners; Erythritol, Polydextrose, Isomalt, Sucralose, Inulin (Oligofructose), Sea Salt, Caramel Flavouring, Vanilla Flavouring, Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin.


Per 80g serving
Energy 1545kj
Energy 369kcal
Fat 30g
Of which saturates 26g
Carbohydrate 36g
Of which sugars 1.3g
Fibre 10.4g
Protein 3g
Salt .80g