Mint 80g

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Mint 80g

The silkiest, smoothest and most delicious milk chocolate alternative with the refreshing and cool flavour of Peppermint that is FREE FROM Dairy, Gluten, Soy, GMO, Palm Oil and that has less than 4% Sugar content.  Truly Heavenly!

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Please note that our current packaging states that we use stevia and grape sugar in our recipe. This is no longer the case but we cannot afford to print new boxes just yet!

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38 reviews for Mint 80g

  1. Elaine Neil

    I’m dairy free for last 19 years and although I have found dark chocolate I can eat there is never a good choice of flavour until now. Love it!! So delicious and will be signing up for VIP bundle xx

  2. Catherine

    Received my second delivery or bars yesterday morning,
    Delivery time was very fast & I’ve already eaten one big bar & a small op’s! It’s totally lush! Very happy!

  3. Cathy Baldwin

    I loved this, as. Type 2 diabetic with a sweet tooth the bars work out to around 11 carbs each, perfect for a little treat! No nasty after effect either! I will definitely be ordering again.

  4. Lisa Sinclair

    I love this one as well as the banana and dark chocolate ones and will definitely be buying more in the future after I’ve had the rest of them and my daughter loves the chocolate too.

  5. Karen Feltham

    This is by far the best vegan chocolate I have ever tasted. It has a nice smooth texture rather than the waxy texture of some vegan chocolate and has a fresh, clean taste. I will definitely be ordering more!

  6. Anne vygh

    All the flavours are excellent. Have taken in to work for them to try and everyone wants to get some. It’s really clean chocolate, not claggy at all. Delish.

  7. Lesley Mitcheson

    I love this and really enjoy the new mini bars as not too big. Just enough to be naughty. Can’t wait to buy some more

  8. sarahjane.mcdade

    I totally enjoyed this chocolate. Just the right amount of mint. I would definitely be getting it again.

  9. Joanna

    Been dairy and gluten free for over 6 months and really struggled to find a nice and tasty chocolate. Most dairy free leave a horrible taste in your mouth. This chocolate is as it says…. heavenly! Can’t rate it enough

  10. Susan B.

    Nice product with a good flavour. I like the new packaging

  11. Bev Cooper

    Silky, delicious, creamy texture and taste. I liked the bar just wished it tasted a little more minty than what it does.

  12. Anne H

    My granddaughter absolutely loves this chocolate.

  13. Julie Bailey

    I can’t believe this is dairy free and sugar free. Its gorgeous. Smooth and velvety with just the right hint of mint. It’s not bitter like some dark chocolates. I’ll definitely be buying again

  14. Shirley Brown

    Very smooth tasty chocolate, you could not tell by the taste that it was non dairy and low sugar.
    Well done.

  15. Denise

    Delicious. The mint flavour is fantastic . My partner who is a chocoholic and normally loves sugar even stole it from me after I gave him a taster he said it’s excellent .

  16. Kelly

    Very tasty just like a normal milk chocolate bar and friends and family couldn’t tell it was dairy free either. You get what you pay for and it’s worth the money.

  17. warhammergirl23

    Tastes just like aero omg it’s delicious defo my new fave by far. Will be buying it again.

  18. Abbie

    The mint flavour was terrific and creamy. Loved it!

  19. Gemma

    I was dubious at first i don’t mind admitting but wow, its amazing even my children one whom is very fussy about what he eats loved it. I shall be trying the other flavors as well 🙂

  20. jane doherty

    love it great taste i`m vegan and never thought i would find a great tasting chocolate again

  21. nickybrandom

    So many great flavours but the mint is extra nice. I am so pleased I have found this chocolate being dairy free and soy free is exactly what I was looking for. This truly is very special.

  22. Hannah

    Perfect after dinner treat if you don’t want too much sugar

  23. Georgie Tomlinson

    Amazing chocolate. Tasted great. Highly recommend it!

  24. Diane Richards

    I have tried all the chocolate bars you made, and they are fantastic. I’m at Slimming World and I gave a bar to a friend, who can’t have Clifton, and she loved it. Keep up the good work Stephen. Xx

  25. Happy Dell

    At this price for something so good and healthy, no one can stop me from coming back for more. Thank you so much Stephen and team for not being selfish and have shared this with us.

  26. Avril Stevens

    I bought for my grandson who has dairy allergy loved it so much better than others which were to sweet for his taste buds plus his brother and sister are both choc lovers and this I feel less guilty about giving to them as the sugar content is so much less so a winner all round can’t wait to try other flavours with them

  27. Natalie

    This was my favourite flavour. Very much how I expected it to taste. Out of all the flavours I’ve tried, this was the most like normal chocolate.

  28. C Vine

    So creamy and full of flavour. Texture is nice. Taste is yummy

  29. Marilyn Mcnelly

    Excellent chocolate. I have both vegetarians and vegans in my family and will certainly be getting them some of these bars. Can’t go wrong.

  30. sdneeve

    This is far better than the sugar-laden dairy free mint chocolates hubby bought me for Christmas. This is divine with an amazing minty flavour. Just delicious!

  31. Sarah Neeve

    Oh wow, this is so moreishly delicious! I thought the dairy free mint chocolates my husband got me for Christmas were great, but this far outweighs them. Smooth, minty and so, so creamy. What more could you ask for?

  32. Tracy Locke

    Had my first delivery of Heavenly Chocolate today. I’m not usually a great mint chocolate lover and bought this flavour mainly for my husband. We both loved it. It is just as good as the leading non vegan mint chocolate brands but this is healthy and very low sugar without losing any of the sweetness. It’s a win win!

  33. Tasha

    Just received a bar of this a gift for my 3year old daughter who has a milk and soya allergy. In her words “this is the yummiest chocolate EVER its really creamy and delicious, when can I have another square?!?” she begrudgingly let mummy have a try and she is right it is delicious and very much like an expensive milk chocolate

  34. Tiia

    This is absolutely outstanding! Tastes like after eight bars but so much better for you, less sugar and what’s important for me is NO DAIRY!

  35. Maggie Fletcher

    Just got our first delivery thanks Steve for your reasurrence when I phoned today. we decided to try the mint it was fabulous I was not sure what to expect but this has made me a convert as I am on no special diet so was trying this due to the calories!! and it does not disappoint The price is worth what I am saving on my scales!!! Thank you

  36. R. Dineen

    Satisfied my chocolate craving. Perfect.

  37. Sonia

    This is fantastic. Would give a ‘regular’ chocolate brand a run for its money!
    Highly recommend it. Lovely with hot cup of tea!

  38. Leigha

    This mint chocolate is amazing. You’d never realise it was free from dairy etc. Tastes as good if not better than the leading brands. Definitely recommend!

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Additional information

Weight80 g
Dimensions16.5 × 8.5 × .8 cm

Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, (Cocoa Solids 43%) Rice, Soluble Maize Fibre, Chicory Fibre, Sweeteners; Erythritol, Polydextrose, Isomalt, Sucralose, Inulin (Oligofructose), Mint flavouring, Vanilla Flavouring, Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin.


Per 80g serving
Energy 1545kj
Energy 369kcal
Fat 30g
Of which saturates 26g
Carbohydrate 36g
Of which sugars 1.3g
Fibre 10.4g
Protein 3g
Salt 0.02g