Dark Ginger 80g

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Dark Ginger Bar 80g

The silkiest, smoothest and most delicious 73% Dark Chocolate with the added delicate kick of a ginger flavour that is FREE FROM Dairy, Gluten, Soy, GMO, Palm Oil and that has less than 2% Sugar content.  Truly Heavenly!

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Please note that our current packaging states that we use stevia and grape sugar in our recipe. This is no longer the case but we cannot afford to print new boxes just yet!

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22 reviews for Dark Ginger 80g

  1. P Ward

    The perfect bar. Dark chocolate and ginger. Yum yum!

  2. meinir Leyshon

    Didn’t think I would like this flavour but was pleasantly surprised at the warm after taste from the ginger.

  3. Barbara Boden

    Mmmmmmmmm dark and ginger. What more can I say!

  4. sarahjane.mcdade

    My sister and mum totally enjoyed the chocolate …. I did try it but was not keen on it. As I am not keen on Ginger. I would definitely get it again for anyone who would like it.

  5. Kate Calley

    I received my first order of 3 bars a few days ago and, against all my good intentions, have actually demolished the Dark Ginger already! It is gloriously good and quite the best low sugar chocolate I’ve ever had and I’ve tried quite a lot. I won’t be needing to try elsewhere anymore though as I’ve found my “chocolate home” now!
    As a type 2 diabetic this is a wonderful discovery as keeping sugar to a minimum is obviously very important.
    The chocolate bars arrived beautifully packed and unbroken in the expected time and I’m now looking forward to trying the other two bars I bought, hopefully only one or two squares in the evening as a treat and I will definitely be buying several of the other flavours soon. Thank you so much for such a lovely product!

  6. VInce Smith

    I am a Type 2 diabetic who manages the condition through exercise and a low carb diet only, no meds. I am also one who happens to love chocolate. Dark chocolate allows me to do this perfectly well and this Dark Ginger is by far the best chocolate I have ever tasted and it has zero effects on my blood glucose levels. Wonderful stuff. I will be meeting some fellow diabetics in October and I am taking some bars as a gift for each of them so they can experience this delight. I cannot praise this product highly enough.

  7. Louise Maxwell

    Love this chocolate especially as it contains contains no no nasties meaning I can safely eat again after 5 years abstaining due to lactose intolerance.

  8. Wendy Nuttall

    This is gorgeous chocolate. I would definitely recommend you to try it

  9. Sharon Griffin

    This is delicious. I’m on the Keto diet and this chocolate is a lovely treat which doesn’t break my ketosis, perfect to help me stay on plan. I

  10. Susanna

    Utterly delicious! Impossible to have just one square.

  11. Pippa

    Love this ginger chocolate! For me it’s the low sugar that is the major draw. Somehow this flavor managed to seen creamy and chocolatey, as well as a lovely subtle ginger kick. Am trying not to open all the different flavours at once! It’s hard tho!

  12. Serena

    Well worth the wait for my order – i’m so glad i stocked and bought lots of flavours – this dark ginger is amazing. Tastes as good as Lindt and doesn’t have any weird aftertaste like other low-carb chocolate. Well done & thank you.

  13. judithfrances

    I am something of a chocoholic but need to be on a low sugar diet (mild diabetes.) I am also lactose and gluten intolerant. I also know we shouldn’t be consuming palm oil and GMOs.
    My first posting of three Heavenly chocolate bars arrived yesterday – so tasty and good to know that everything was OK for me. I’ll need to be careful though as it wouldn’t do to pig-out on something so exquisite! I now know where I’ll be ordering those special treats!!
    Well done! The Ginger was lush!!

  14. Jane Capie

    Tried this one today – just a very subtle hint of ginger through the chocolate. Lovely.

  15. Susan Cox

    I ordered this one for my husband and he loved it. Considering the fact that he eats full fat everything that really is something! So well done Heavenly!

  16. Dave Rush

    Dark Choc with ginger is superb, ordered another 3 bars as a result!

  17. Linda Frost

    Amazing flavours. The bitterness of beautiful dark chocolate and the subtle ness of the ginger. Wonderful!

  18. Dallas Hopkins

    Bought for my partner who is not vegan or veggie and is always very sceptical about fairy free stuff. However, he absolutely adores this and wants to try other flavours!!!! Very impressed.

  19. Bernie Duncan

    Heavenly indeed! I tried to limit myself to two squares but once the ginger taste had hit my palette I wanted more! Self control needed for this one. Not too sweet with just the right amount of ginger – I will be ordering more of this one.

  20. Charmaine Duncan

    The chocolates arrived yesterday. They are lovely. Smooth and rich and not overpowering. Like I am used to in the Caribbean a long time ago. First time in a long time I ate chocolate that did not bloat me up from the amount of dairy and crap put in. I didnt need to gorge on it. Just a couple of squares were satisfying.

  21. Carol

    Favourite so far! Different from other chocolate but very nice!

  22. Maggie Fletcher

    Tried this whilst on holiday shared with my sister’s we all found it great tasting the dark chocolate smooth and the ginger lovely under tone sister like so much is intending to get some for her vegan daughter in law

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Additional information

Weight80 g
Dimensions16.5 × 8.5 × .8 cm

Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass (Cocoa Solids 73%) Sweeteners; Erythritol, Polydextrose, Isomalt, Sucralose, Soluble Maize Fibre, Chicory Fibre, Inulin (Oligofructose), Vanilla Flavouring, Ginger flavouring, Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin.


Per 80g serving
Energy 1472kj
Energy 352kcal
Fat 41g
Of which saturates 32g
Carbohydrate 19.5g
Of which sugars 0.7g
Fibre 9.7g
Protein 4.2g
Salt 0.02g