Delicious Low Sugar Chocolate

Being diabetic shouldn't mean that you're stopped from enjoying delicious treats

Peter Jones from Dragons Den

I love it, I'm a big chocolate guy and I haven't tasted chocolate this good in a long time.

Peter Jones

Loved by Diabetic chocoholics

Being diabetic shouldn't mean that you're stopped from enjoying that wonderful feeling!

We made Pure Heavenly to give Diabetics a better-tasting, healthier chocolate alternative. It is also Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free and has less than 1% sugar - so you can enjoy it whenever you fancy!

Join our hundreds of thousands of loving fans today with over 2 million bars sold to date!

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I have loved heavenly chocolate from the first time I tried it and always look forward to my delivery...It is my guilt free treat and I have recommended it to many friends, whether they are slimming, diabetic or just want a healthier treat without feeling they are missing out...It is proper, tasty chocolate. My favourites are the dark plain, mint and coffee, but I am also partial to the cherry and raspberry 😋 🥰💕
— Bev K.
Customer reviews
My Heavenly bar of chocolate is my evening treat, I have 4 squares after dinner and don't feel at all naughty as I'm a chocoholic and was gaining weight, until I found Heavenly and all its lovely flavours of my favourite sweet. I have managed to loose 4st and hope to continue the trend with Heavenly's help.
— Hazel N.

Is chocolate diabetic friendly?

The answer may surprise you! While most chocolates contain around 25% sugar, there are also many varieties of diabetic-friendly chocolate (including Pure Heavenly's own chocolate) that are perfect for the diabetic pallet which contains less than 1% sugar.

For those looking to enjoy a delicious sweet treat while adhering to their dietary restrictions, this is great news! 

Click below to learn more about Pure Heavenly's Vegan chocolate recipe.

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