Do you give away free samples?

We are asked hundreds of times per month for free samples.

Unfortunately, as we are not a massive corporate company, we cannot say yes to everyone who asks.


Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?


We totally understand that we are a brand new company and you have no idea whether our bars taste nice!

We want to take the risk out of that decision.

Even though we have hundreds of 5 Star reviews and are confident that you will love our chocolate.

However, if you do not (and that is possible – as we cannot please everyone) simply return the rest of the bar that you don’t like and we will refund that part of the order or send you a replacement flavour. We want you as a raving fan, not a disillusioned customer. We must be notified within 7 days of receiving them and the bars must be returned within 14 days. Please note – we do not refund your return postage and any unopened bars must be in a resaleable condition.

Do you sell via any shops?

We sell mainly via our website for now. We do have a few small stockists currently so please check out our stockist list here. If you are a stockist and want to sell our chocolate bars please register here. We hope to be in the big multiple retailers by the end of the year.

Are your products fair trade?

Our suppliers assure us that they work to higher standards than fair trade i.e. not only do they pay a very good price to the farmers, they also provide training and education on a regular basis. See our Ethical Standards Page

How do I become a stockist / retailer / wholesaler?

Please register your interest here and we will contact you Click here to register

How do you justify the price of your bars?

Other handmade artisan chocolate bars can cost up to £13 per bar. If you don’t believe us – search for artisan / handmade chocolate on Amazon or Google. We, however, took the difficult decision to keep our price as low as possible, which means we are currently operating at a loss!

When can I expect my delivery?

2-4 days usually.

Why do you charge shipping?

Unfortunately we get charged shipping so we cannot do anything about it for now. Hopefully one day we will be able to make our products on a much bigger scale which will allow us to offer free shipping. We do offer free shipping over £25.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes to most countries around the world.

What percentage of cocoa are they?

Milk alternative versions (10 flavours): 44%

Dark versions (2 flavours): 72%

Are all your bars dark chocolate?

Only 2 of our bars are dark chocolate – Dark and Dark Ginger. We have 10 milk chocolate alternatives that taste amazing.

How big are your bars?

80g & 25g

Do you support any charities?

Yes. Please see our global impact page. If you would like to be considered for our support – please let us know.


What is the nutritional breakdown?
Are your products suitable for vegans?


Is your Chocolate Dairy Free?
What do you have against dairy farmers?

Nothing! We think dairy farmers are very hard working and do a great job. It is only because we have struggled with a number of food intolerances (dairy, gluten and sugar) that we decided to make this chocolate alternative. We also have a number of vegans and vegetarians as friends and customers who prefer not to eat animal products and we respect that decision, just as we respect people who love milk and cheese.

Does your Chocolate contain palm oil?
What are the exact ingredients?
What sweeteners do you use?

We have chosen our sweeteners after studying them at length for their safety record and the number of research papers on each one. Please do your own research though. Inulin is a dietary fibre that has been featured on the BBC’s How To Stay Young, and Trust Me – I am a Doctor. Erythritol has zero calories and has been featured in a number of very positive dental studies. Polydextrose is a soluble fibre, and Isomalt is made from sugar and does not increase blood glucose or insulin levels. Finally we use a tiny amount of sucralose (less that 0.2%) which gives our chocolate a sugar like taste (and has been subject to 110 studies showing it to be safe for consumption).

Why do you not use sugar?

Please see our nutrition page where we have posted 2 videos explaining why we do not use sugar: Nutritional Information

Is your Chocolate Gluten Free?
Is your Chocolate Soy Free?
Where is your cocoa sourced from?
Our cocoa beans are a secret blend of Columbian and African beans.
Do you sell Gift Cards?
Are your products cruelty free and slavery free?
Is your Chocolate Suitable for Diabetics?
Depends. You would need to review our nutritional information regarding sugars and calories on each bar to make a more informed decision. If you were to try our bars and have a negative reaction we would very happily refund your order in full including postage.
Will my kids like Heavenly Chocolate?
Yes. We have tested this on hundreds of kids and they all LOVE it. We always wanted to produce a chocolate that could be loved and shared by parents and children together.
Is your Chocolate suitable for Paleo / Ketogenic Diets?
What is the shelf life of the chocolate?
18 months
What are the sweeteners you use?

We use a secret blend sweeteners that include erythritol, inulin (dietary fibre) and other sweeteners that have very positive research papers published on them. See our nutrition page.

How many 'Syns' are there is each bar?
Whilst we have not had this independently verified by Slimming World, we are advised by members that there are approximately 16 syns in each bar.
Where are you based?
In Salisbury, England – close to Stonehenge.
Does it taste good?

It tastes AMAZING! 🙂

Are you bringing out more flavours?
Yes – watch this space.