Are your products suitable for vegans?

Yes we are 100% Vegan friendly. Plus we are gluten, soy and palm oil free too. So no Orangutans are harmed in the production of our chocolate.

Is your Chocolate Suitable for Diabetics?

We have hundreds of diabetics who buy our chocolate every month. However we would recommend that you test a bar in small amounts to see if you can tolerate it too. You can also review our nutritional information regarding sugars and calories on each bar to make a more informed decision. Any issues and we will refund any unopened bars.

Are your products fair trade?

Our suppliers work to higher standards than fair trade i.e. not only do they pay a very good price to the farmers, they also provide training and education on a regular basis. See our Our Values page.

When can I expect my delivery?

We have two shipping options in the UK. 1st Class Tracked (24-48 hours) and 2nd Class Tracked (48 -72 hours). Royal Mail is experiencing some delays due to Covid restrictions, so please bear with them. Dragons’ Den orders may take a few days too.

Do you sell on Amazon?

No. We prefer to sell direct and via small retailers so we can support the high street, and small businesses like our own.

Do you offer Free Shipping?

Yes – for orders over £35.

Do you give away free samples?

We would love too.

Unfortunately, as we are not a massive corporate company, we cannot afford the hundreds of requests we get every month.


Are all your bars dark chocolate?

Only 2 of our bars are dark chocolate (72% cocoa) – Dark and Dark Ginger. We have 10 milk chocolate alternatives (44% cocoa) that taste amazing. We have plans to bring out more dark flavours soon.

How many 'Syns' are there in each bar?

Whilst we have not had this independently verified by Slimming World, we are advised by SW members that there are approximately 5-6 syns in each mini bar however we recommend you check woth your local SW representative.

What is the nutritional breakdown?
Is your Chocolate Suitable for Keto Diet?

The dark bars are especially Keto and the carb content in our large bars is offset by dietary fibre (inulin) plues we use around 10% polyols in our sweetener blend.

Do you use artificial sweeteners?

We use sweeteners natural sweeteners like inulin and erythritol, but we use a small amount of artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and polydextrose. But please be aware that sugar is highly processed to the point of being effectively artificial. The difference is that our chocolate does not spike your insulin response by anywhere near as much sugar, which is what causes so many health issues – see our nutritional page for some great videos on why that is an issue. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes to most countries around the world.

Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Unfortunately, as this is a food product – we cannot offer refunds. However, as you will see by our hundreds of reviews (under each product) – our customers love the chocolate and hopefully so will you. Obviously, if there is any fault with the product then you can return to us for investigation and a free exchange if our manufacturing process is at fault. This can happen from time to time due to humidity or temperature issues (we don’t have the money for big climate controlled rooms like other big manufacturers). However if this happens – we will happily replace your order.

What percentage of cocoa are they?

Milk alternative versions (10 flavours): 44%

Dark versions (2 flavours): 72%

How big are your bars?

85g & 25g

Do you support any charities?

Yes. Please see Our Values page.

Why do you not use sugar?

Please see our nutrition page where we have posted 2 videos explaining why we do not use sugar: Nutritional Information

Are your products cruelty free and slavery free?

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