Hey there chocolate lovers, are you tired of the same old boring chocolate flavours? Do you want something that's delicious, indulgent, and vegan? If so, then Pure Heavenly is here to save the day with their range of exciting vegan chocolate bars. From classic tastes to exotic twists, there's something for every palate. And with Father's Day just around the corner, why not combine your favourite flavours for the perfect gift for your dad? Let's explore some of the best vegan and dairy-free chocolate flavours that Pure Heavenly has to offer.

Classic Flavours with a Twist

Pure Heavenly offers classic chocolate flavours with a twist. The Dark Chocolate bar has a rich cocoa flavour balanced with the perfect amount of sweetness. But why not add a twist to it and give it a little heat? Yes, you heard it right. Pure Heavenly also produces a Ginger Dark Chocolate bar that takes your taste buds on a warming ride. Trust us, it's delicious. Another twist on a classic is the Milk Chocolate and Banana Bar. The creamy milk chocolate with a fruity burst of banana to creates a magical combination.

Fruit-Infused Flavours

For the fruit lovers, Pure Heavenly's range of fruit-infused chocolates won't disappoint. Using on nature ingredients, the Dark Chocolate and Raspberry bar is perfect for those who love a little tartness with their chocolate. If you prefer tropical flavours, then try out our Milk Chocolate and Coconut Bar. The smooth vegan milk chocolate (or as we call it silk chocolate)  with the subtle hint of coconut oil and natural flavourings just takes you to a beachside paradise. And if you're a bit adventurous, then the Dark Chocolate and Dark Orange could be your new favourite. The combination of dark chocolate with the zesty twist of orange peels creates a unique flavour that you just can't miss.

Nutty & Minty Delights

For those who love a bit of crunch in their food, Pure Heavenly's range of nut inspired chocolate bars are just what you need. The hazel-not silk chocolate bar is a classic combination that's been taken to the next level. The smooth milk chocolate mixed with a deliciously roasted hazelnut flavour creates a mouth-watering flavour that has a silky texture with each bite. For a slightly different experience, try the dark chocolate and mint chocolate bar. The richness of the dark chocolate combined with the coolness of the mint provides a delicious treat.

Perfect Father's Day Gift Ideas

Now that you've learned more about the fantastic flavour combinations that Pure Heavenly has to offer, it's time to get creative for Father's Day. How about gifting a personalised box of your favourite flavours? Mix it up with different combinations or stick to his favourite flavours for this special occasion. He'll be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful and delicious present. Our amazing vegan chocolate gifts are available in silk, dark and white chocolate gift boxes depending on the tastes of your chocolate lover and are available as 30g or 85g gift options.

In conclusion, Pure Heavenly is the go-to brand for anyone looking for vegan, dairy-free chocolates with unique flavour combinations. Our range of vegan chocolates uses honest ingredients and caters to everyone's preferences. Because they're plant-based and low in sugar their perfect for those looking to stick to a gluten free, dairy free, keto or diabetic diet. Whether you like your chocolate classic with a twist, fruit-infused, or nutty with a crunch, Pure Heavenly's got you covered. And with Father's Day just around the corner, it's the perfect time to try out a combination of your favourite flavours for the ultimate personalised gift. So, what's your flavour?

June 02, 2023